1. Pattern of singular absolute of masculine nouns that are built up on three letter roots. Usually they mean the fulfilment of the basic verb concept; sometimes also diminutive sense.


    Be careful:

    1. Noun בִּרְכּוֹן, meal blessing, always bears dagesh into the letter כ.

    2. As regards noun כִּשְׁרוֹן, skill (Ecc 4:4): its right pattern is ptr S-t0407. So the Academy of the Hebrew Language stated.

    3. Some nouns ptr S-t0407 having ח or ע for their first root consonant fit this ptr S-t0404 for its construct singular in the place of ptr S-t0410.

      [#]blindness of colours, color blindnessעִוְרוֹן צְבָעִים / עיוורון
      [#](the) paleness of the manחִוְרוֹן הָאָדָם / חיוורון
      [#]paleness, pallorחִוָּרוֹן
    [Ecc 2:11]outcome, profitיִתְרוֹן / יתרון
    [#]to remain overיָתַר
    [Gen 40:5](as) interpretationכְּ|פִתְרוֹן / פתרון
    [Gen 40:22]to interpretפָּתַר
    [#]governmentשִׁלְטוֹן / שלטון
    [Ecc 8:9]to be master ofשָׁלַט
    [#]little vultureנִשְׁרוֹן / נשרון
    [cf Hos 8:1]vultureנֶשֶׁר


    This pattern often applies to place names and to person names:

    [Jos 11:1]Shimron (a city)שִׁמְרוֹן / שמרון
    [Gen 46:13]Shimron (Issacar's son)שִׁמְרוֹן / שמרון
    [Gen 37:11]to keep, watchשָׁמַר
    [Exo 1:2]Simeonשִׁמְעוֹן / שמעון
    [Gen 24:52]to hearשָׁמַע
  2. Pattern of the singular construct of nouns S-t0407 and of nouns S-t0409.

    Remark: in the hasar haniqud a yud is inserted after the first root letter:

    [#](the) remembrance of the manזִכְרוֹן הָאִישׁ / זיכרון
    [Exo 17:14]remembranceזִכָּרוֹן
    [#](the) etymology of the wordגִּזְרוֹן הַמִּלָּה / גיזרון
    [#](the) lack of moneyחִסְרוֹן כִּיס / חיסרון
    [#]lack, deficiencyחִסָּרוֹן
    [#](the) lack of moneyגִּרְעוֹן כִּיס / גירעון
    [#]lack, deficiencyגֵּרָעוֹן

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