Do not mistake for words ptr N-t057 having ת for their last letter

Qal Infinitive, construct, of verbs either פ"י or פ"נ that have א for their last root consonant.

As regards its grammar gender: it is feminine.

[Neh 4:15]to go outצֵאת / צאת
[Deu 31:2](to) go outלָ|צֵאת / צאת
[Exo 19:1](to) go outלְ|צֵאת / צאת
[Gen 10:11]to go outיָצָא
[Gen 36:7](to) liftלָ|שֵֹאת / שאת
[Exo 10:13]to liftנָשָֹא

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