In the hasar haniqud: a yud is inserted ONLY in words in 4

Pattern of the Plural absolute of some noun types:

  1. Some N-d04

    [Dan 11:30]fleets, shipsצִיִּים / ציים
    [Isa 33:21](and) shipוְ|צִי
    [Isa 40:15]islands, coastsאִיִּים / איים
    [Isa 23:2]island, coastאִי
  2. Some N-d05

    [Jdg 6:19]goatsעִזִּים / עזים
    [Num 15:27]goatעֵז
    [Gen 6:14]nestsקִנִּים / קנים
    [Isa 16:2]nestקֵן
    [#]standards, bannersנִסִּים / נסים
    [Num 21:8]standardנֵס
  3. Some N-d08

    [Exo 1:11]taxes, forced servicesמִסִּים / מסים
    [1Ki 5:27]tax, forced serviceמַס
    [Jdg 2:3](to) sidesלְ|צִדִּים / צדים
    [Isa 66:12]sideצַד
  4. N-t054:

    [Gen 30:14]wheatsחִטִּים / חיטים
    [Deu 8:8]wheatחִטָּה
    [Deu 10:3]acaciasשִׁטִּים / שיטים
    [Isa 41:19]acaciaשִׁטָּה
    [Job 6:26]wordsמִלִּים / מילים
    [Psa 139:4]wordמִלָּה

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