Pattern resulting from the union of Qal Pi'el, construct, of verbs ל"י having a guttural for their first root consonant + third person singular feminine suffix:

This can be a nominal or a verbal construction.

  1. Nominal: the suffix plays the part of the subject of the action:

    [#]the fact or act of her to commandצַוּוֹתָהּ / צוותה
    [Gen 6:22]to commandצִוָּה
    [#]the fact or act of her to completeכַּלּוֹתָהּ / כלותה
    [Gen 18:33]to completeכִּלָּה
  2. Verbal: the suffix plays the part of the object of the action:

    [#]to command herצַוּוֹתָהּ / צוותה
    [Gen 6:22]to commandצִוָּה
    [#]to complete herכַּלּוֹתָהּ / כלותה
    [Gen 18:33]to completeכִּלָּה

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