Do not mistake for ptr N-t019 whenever this has ה for its last root consonant.

This pattern is common enough in biblical Hebrew as a form of Qal Imperative, second person singular masculine, of some verb types.

It is used as an alternative disyllabic form of a monosyllabic form N-d:

  1. As an alternative of ptr N-d05.I.3.a:

    [Pro 1:11]go! (you, male)!לְכָה! / לכה
    [Gen 26:26]to goהָלַךְ
    [Gen 27:19; Rut 4:1]sit down! (you, male); dwell! (you, male)!שְׁבָה! / שבה
    [Gen 13:12]to sit down, to dwellיָשָׁב
  2. As an alternative of ptr N-d05.I.3.b:

    [1Sa 2:15]give! (you, male)!תְּנָה! / תנה
    [Gen 24:53]to giveנָתַן
  3. As an alternative of ptr N-d08.H.3.b:

    [Gen 27:21]come nigh! (you, male)!גְּשָׁה! / גשה
    [#]to draw nearנָגַשׁ

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