Be careful:

  1. In the niqud: Do not mistake for every word of ptr N-t081 nor ptr N-t150 whenever the first letter is תֶּ.

  2. In the hasar niqud:

    Do not mistake for every word consisting of three letters of which the first is ת

Hiph'il imperfect, two persons singular, of verbs ל"י not having a guttural for their first and second root consonants and not being, at a time, פ"י nor פ"נ. And of those that have no letter ת, ט, כ, ד, ק as their middle root consonant.

It is mainly used with prefixed ו.

  1. 2nd person singular masculine:

    [Jos 10:6]you (male) will abandonתֶּרֶף / תרף
    [Jdg 9:9]to sink, relaxרָפָה
    [Psa 39:12](and) you (male) will meltוַ|תֶּמֶס / תמס
    [#]to meltמָסָה
  2. 3rd person singular feminine:

    [Eze 5:6](and) she will rebelוַ|תֶּמֶר / תמר
    [1Ki 13:26]to be disobedientמָרָה
    [#](and) she will bring into exileוַ|תֶּגֶל / תגל
    [1Sa 4:21]to go into exileגָּלָה

    Israeli Hebrew uses ptr PS-d2273 rather than this P-d282

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