Be careful:

  1. In the niqud: Do not mistake for words ptr N-t068 having תֵּ for their first root consonant.

  2. In the hasar niqud:

    Do not mistake for every word consisting of three letters the first being ת

In biblical text, sometimes verbs ל"י are spelled matching this pattern in either of the two singular forms of Qal imperfect: 2nd masculine or 3rd feminine, singular.

[Job 17:7](and) she will grow dimוַ|תֵּכַהּ / תכה
[1Sa 3:13]to rebukeכִּהָה
[Gen 47:13](and) she will languishוַ|תֵּלַהּ / תלה
[#]to languishלָהָה

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