1. In the niqud: Be careful not to mistake for such patterns as S-d0110 and others.

  2. In the hasar haniqud: Since all these words end in ה we must be careful not to mistake for every pattern that in hasar haniqud ends in ה as, for instance, S-d0101, S-d0102, S-d0103 and many others. That is why the Academy of the Hebrew Language asks or requests that a dot be written within the final ה, for the sake of avoiding mistaking.

A few masculine nouns match this pattern:

[cf Dan 3:24]fearmתֵּוַהּ / תווה
[#]homesicknessmכֵּמַהּ / כמה
[#]wonder, amazementmתֵּמַהּ / תמה

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