Be careful:

  1. In the niqud:

    1. If the last letter is ת, do not mistake for S-d1567

  2. In the hasar haniqud:

    Do not mistake for every word of three letters the second one being י.

  1. Several nouns fit this pattern of themselves in their absolute form:

    1. Masculine:

      [Nah 3:8]wallחֵיל / חיל
      [#]disasterאֵיד / איד
      [#]sheik (Arab governor)שֵׁיךְ / שיך

      Remark: noun גֵּיא, valley (Zec 14:4) has been replaced in modern Hebrew by ptr N-t091

    2. Feminine:

      [#]beth (Hebrew letter)בֵּית / בית
      [#]heth (Hebrew letter)חֵית / חית
      [#]teth (Hebrew letter)טֵית / טית

  2. Construct form of some patterns:

    1. of nouns in the preceding group A:

      [Ecc 7:9](in) bosom of foolsבְּ|חֵיק כְּסִילִים / חיק
      [Pro 16:33](in the) bosomבַּ|חֵיק

    2. of nouns ptr N-t091 having י as their central letter:

      [Isa 22:1](the) valley of visionגֵּיא חִזָיוֹן / גיא
      [Num 21:20](the) valleyהַ|גַּיְא

    3. of nouns ptr N-t092:

      [Gen 12:15](the) house of Pharaohבֵּית פַּרְעֹה / בית
      [Exo 12:30]houseבַּיִת
      [Exo 21:26](the) eye of his servantעֵין עַבְדּוֹ / עין
      [Exo 21:24]eyeעַיִן
      [#]it is not word, no matterאֵין דָּבָר / אין
      [Gen 2:5]it is not, there is not, nothingאַיִן

  3. Some adjectives, singular masculine:

    [#]emptyרֵיק / ריק

  4. Some prepositions:

    [Gen 15:17]betweenבֵּין / בין
    [Job 8:17]betweenבֵּית / בית

  5. Some adverbs:

    [Psa 14:1 ]nothingאֵין / אין
    [Hab 2:19 ]there is not(*) אֵין / אין
    [2Sa 1:5 ]how??אֵיךְ? / איך
    [# ]aboveעֵיל / עיל

    (*) This is the negative of יֵשׁ, there is (Gen 18:24)

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