Be careful:

  1. In the niqud: Do not mistake for ptr S-d0661.

  2. In the hasar haniqud: Do not mistake for every word consisting of three letters the last one being י. Look at S-d0665 and at many of those that come after it till S-d0696.

  1. A few masculine nouns of first guttural match this pattern, either in absolute or construct form:

    1. Absolute form:

      [Isa 49:18](like the) ornamentmכָּ|עֲדִי / עדי
      [Neh 13:24]halfm(*) חֲצִי / חצי
      [1Sa 17:34](the) lionmהָ|אֲרִי / ארי

      (*) There are two options for the singular absolute of this noun, be its meaning half or arrow: the first is this ptr N-t033; the second is N-t062.

    2. Construct form:

      [2Sa 1:24]ornament of (gold)mעֲדִי זָהָב / עדי
      [Exo 12:29](in the) middle of (the night), at midnightm(*) בַּ|חֲצִי הַלַּיְלָה / חצי

      (*) This is the only right pattern for the singular construct of this noun.

  2. Personal pronoun, 1st person singular, common.

    [Gen 18:17]I, me (either male or female)אֲנִי / אני

  3. Some interrogative particles:

    [#]is there? is it??הֲכִי? / הכי

  4. Some adverbs:

    [#]the mostהֲכִי / הכי

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