Qal passive Participle, singular feminine form, absolute, of verbs having NO guttural as their 1st root consonant. Also verbs ע"ע. This is then the feminine form of ptr I-t2-52 and of ptr I-t2-58.

[Gen 32:19](female) which/who is sent, sentשְׁלוּחָה / שלוחה
[Gen 42:4]to sendשָׁלַח
[Jer 2:2](female) which/who is sownזְרוּעָה / זרועה
[Jdg 6:3]to sowזָרַע
[Jer 18:15](female) which/who is lifted up, cast upסְלוּלָה / סלולה
[#]to cast upסָלַל

Often, mainly in Israeli Hebrew, this pattern becomes a feminine noun showing the fulfillment, the action of the base word concept being accomplished:

[#]extension, branchשְׁלוּחָה / שלוחה
[Gen 42:4]to sendשָׁלַח
[#]fixing, fixationקְבוּעָה / קבועה
[cf. Pro 22:23]to fixקָבַע
[#]action, deedפְּעוּלָה / פעולה
[Deu 32:27]to doפָּעַל

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