This applies only to words having no guttural nor ר for their first consonant.

When ptr N-t129 is preceded by article, הַ, or by preposition מִן, from, than, the first consonant takes a strong dagesh. Also in some especial instances in the Bible.

  1. Article, either as such or included in a preposition:

    [Exo 23:8 ](the) present, bribeהַ|שֹּׁחַד / שוחד

  2. Preposition מִן, written מִ:

    [#](from/than) postמִ|דֹּאַר / דואר
    [#](from/than) present, bribeמִ|שּׁחַד / שוחד

  3. Some especial cases, in the Bible:

    [Psa 26:10]present, bribeשֹּׁחַד / שוחד

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