Word 8: מחודשת (bl)

If our oversight in the precedent section is correct, then we would have a PIS-t type word.

Of course, we should seek for it in part PIS-t1 (and not in part PIS-t2).

Why? Because the Infix is after the first root consonant (and not after the second one).

First we take a look at Index PIS-t1 and once here we see that ptr PIS-t1-389 perfectly fits our word.

This pattern says us that there are ten possibilities for the niqud or vowelized form.

After a search within them we have PS-t1204 as the only right one for our word.

Namely we have here the Pu'al Participle, singular feminine form, of the verb we thought of in the precedent section.

Thus: (a female or something of feminine gender) "renewed", "restored".

Pronunciation: m(e)Hudeshet

But let us now try, before going to word number 9, to compose a little general meaning and translation of these three words: Concerning the renewed arrangement...