Word 7: התקנה (ul)

If we were right in the basic level study of this word, then the sum of the first two words of our text would be: Concerning the mending...

This is a noun that fits ptr S-t0183 (paragraph A.). It is preceded by the article.

Remark: from a theoretical viewpoint this could also be:

1. A noun resulting from merging of noun הֶתְקֵן, device, machinery (P-t109) + suffix ה: her device, her mechanism, her machinery.

2. But it also could be the noun הַתְקָנָה, that means installation, arrangement.

Doing an accurate study of these possibilities we deduce that the only right solution is the latter one: arrangement, installation.

The other two, the mending and her device do not work in this context.

Our word belongs to ptr PS-t0116.

Pronunciation: hatkana