Word 599: מוקצה (bl)

Do you think you'll find this word in your dictionary? You won't find it.

The surest way here to reach the true meaning of this word is to think of a word ptr P-t or maybe ptr PS-d.

Taking a look on Index P-t we'll see seven patterns that can be, at a first glance, the answer we're seeking for.

We should center in the range from P-t342 up to the following six till P-t348. Of these we should discard P-t344, P-t345 and P-t348 because in these patterns the first root consonant is guttural while our word has the non guttural ק in this place (first root consonant).

So, only four patterns can be the answer.

Once we're here an attentive look at every one of them will lead us to the solution (in case our word is a P-t one).

First step: what about P-t342? Maybe it is our solution if our word comes from verb קָצָה, to cut.

What does קָצָה mean in the Hoph'al? The Hiph'il of קָצָה has several meanings: to assign, reserve and also scrape, scratch, rasp.

So, the Hoph'al meaning is that of the passive of this: be assigned, be reserved and also be scraped...

If our word is the Hoph'al Participle, singular masculine, we get the meaning (male) who/which is assigned, who/which is reserved. And also the English (male) being assigned, being reserved...

Pronunciation/reading: moktse