Word 479: ולהתחיל (bl)

It is logical to think that ו is the conjunction that means and, ל is the preposition that means to, for, and maybe ה is the article.

If we are right, dictionaries would offer תחיל. But it is not the case.

So, letter ה is not the article.

Maybe, then, we face here prefix הת־? If this is prefix we should think of a word PI-d, probably PI-d050. But this is not possible because of the presence of preposition ל. Preposition ל does never precede a Past verb form.

Instead, preposition ל often precedes an Infinitive.

If this is the case of our word, then התחיל would be an Infinitive. Now, is this possible?

The answer leans to the yes: look at ptr PI-t2-022. Verb תָּחַל means to begin. But it is used in the Hiph'il conjugation.

Then, and to begin.

Pronunciation/reading: ul(e)hatHil