Word 38: שהציע (bl)

Maybe will we find in the dictionary this word as it is?

Certainly not.

The initial ש is the well known conjunction meaning that.

As for הציע, maybe we'll find it in the dictionary? The answer is: maybe yes and maybe not.

We have to be aware that not all the dictionaries are the same. Some are better or more complete than others.

If we find this word in our dictionary, then it is likely it to send us to יָצַע, to spread, to lay.

Do you realize this word is the Hiph'il Past, third person singular masculine, of יָצַע?

If yes, then you know that it means he proposed. And the entire word will be that he proposed.

Look at ptr PI-d026.

As it is, this word does not appear in the Bible.

Pronunciation: shehitsi'a