Word 328: מוסט (bl)

Usually this word is not found in dictionaries.

Why? Because this is a conjugation form and conjugation forms are dealt with in the Grammar, not in dictionaries.

Now, is our level of Hebrew high enough to see what this word is? Maybe not.

If we think of the possibility that מו is a prefix and סט are root consonants, a looking on index P-d will surely lead us to solution.

Index P-d offers six chances: P-d195 and P-d199 to P-d205.

A quick look on every of these six will give us the answer: P-d205.2 is our pattern.

Verb סוּט means to deviate, remove. So the Huph'al Participle, singular masculine, means (male) who/which is caused to deviate, (male) made deviating.

This is a very good case to verify the usefulness of Oham.

Pronunciation/reading: musat