Word 12: במטבעות (ul)

Let us now review our study in the precedent section.

How is this word read? Which is the good vowel set for these consonant letters?

Taken into account that the next word is an adjective with article, we must know that also our word is defined. This means that the preposition ב has vowel 'a': בַּ

As regards the remaining letters we can try two ways to make sure of what is the right vowel setting for this word:

1. Looking at the dictionary. Maybe it will tell us on the right vowels for this plural absolute. Or maybe not.

2. Using Oham. Are we aware this is a noun PS-t type?

Let us suppose we're.

Then a quick look at PS-t1064 and the following six will say us that our word belongs to ptr PS-t1075.

This means: the right vowels are mAtbeot.

But we have now to modify our precedent translation: not in coins but in the coins.

Remark: the tsere of this noun is to be kept in the plural, be it absolute or construct: מַטְבֵּעוֹת.

Pronunciation: bamatbeot