Word 10: החומר (bl)

Maybe will we find this word as it is in our Dictionary? Of course, no.

The first thought here is that letter ה is the known article: the.

If so, what about the word חומר? Maybe we will find it in the Dictionary this way?

Unless we're using a highly special(ized) Dictionary, the answer is no.

What then? There are two chances:

1. You know the noun חֹמֶר

2. You do not know the noun חֹמֶר

--If you know this noun:

it is a noun ptr N-t128 that basically means four concepts: clay, tas, severity and jewel.

Within the meaning clay it means too matter, material, stuff.

--If you do not know this noun:

then look at Index I-t1 and once here you check pr I-t1-01 and then try one after one till you reach ptr N-t128.

Namely we think that this is a I-type word, a word which inserted letter waw after its first root consonant.