Word 1: יהונתן (ul)

Of course there are many proper nouns in the Hebrew language, the same as place (or geographical) names, the same as shortenings, the same as locutions, synonyms, antonyms and others....

It is the same for all languages with a minimum cultural underground.

And there are dictionaries which list and inform on all these. If you're to become a translator we'd advise you to get some.

But even if you do not intend to become a translator of Hebrew but you are only a studious of Hebrew it would be good to get some of these dictionaries, be it on paper or online.

This is one of the so called theophoric names, nouns that in different ways bring the name of God (here Israel's God, Yahweh). Here, as we said, Yahweh gave.

There is a more simple Hebrew form for this name: יוֹנָתָן, Jonathan (look at 1Sam 13:2).

There are many of them in the Bible.

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