Translating the 43rd sentence

Let us now try to translate the entire 43rd sentence of our article:


Direction that-(the)-period-of the-Hasmoneans standing in-middle between (the)-period-of the-bible to-(the)-period-of the-[Mishna doctors] and-in-[taking into account] in-the-tendency the-obvious of (the)-excess-of the-order "someone the-king" to-from (the)-days-of the-house the-second, certainly also from the-exam the-linguistic the-order the-expected on (the)-coins-of the-Hasmoneans he Jonathan the-king.


The direction that the Hasmoneans' time stands in the midst between the Bible times and the Mishna Doctors' times and taking into account the obvious tendency of the excess of the order "Mr. So the King" from the time of the Second Temple, certainly from the linguistic inspection the expected order on the Hasmonean coins is Jonathan the King.