Translating the third sentence


The-one he (the)advancing-of time-their of coins-of Jonathan and-Judah to-century the-second b.C.e. and-belonging-their to-Jonathan Hurcanus the-first (135-104 b.C.e.) and-to-Judah Aristobulos the-first (104-103 b.C.e.), in-heels-of the-discoverings the-archaeologicals that-[were discovered] to-after go out book-his of Meshorer.


One is the advancing of the time of the coins of Jonathan and Judah to the second century b.C.e. and their belonging to Jonathan Hurcanus the First (135-104 b.C.e.) and to Judah Aristobulos the First (104-103 b.C.e.), following the archaeological findings that were discovered after the issue of Meshorer's book.