Translating the 37th sentence

Let us now try to translate the entire 37th sentence of our article:


In-(the)-group-of the-coins-of plant/anchor, order-her A beside Meshorer, [I gathered] in-years the-last samples several in-they the-name Jonathan divided in-ways different from-two-of sides-of the-stalk of the-plant, when the-term 'the-king' in-continuation of the-inscription:


In the group of the coins plant/anchor, order A in Meshorer, I collected these last years several samples where the name Jonathan is divided in different ways from both sides of the stalk of the plant, when the term 'the king' is in the continuation of the inscription: Jehona / than-the-king, Jeho / nathan-the-king / Jehonatha / n-the-king".