Translating the 24th sentence

Let us now try to translate the entire 24th sentence of our article:


The-(male) charachterising @ the-group the-first, and-in-xxxxxx even (the)-fixation-of the-seal of Janneus, that-the-inscription [being found] in-part-his the-bottom of the-coin from-two-of (the)sides-of the-plant that-in-center-his, and-in-part the-upper of the-circle can to-[be left] interval.


What characterizes/distinguishes the first group, and in xxxxxxx even the fixation of Janneus' seal, is that the inscription is found in the bottom part of the coin from both sides of the plant (which is) in its center, and in the upper part of the circle a (blank) space can be left.