Translating the nineteenth sentence

Let us now try to translate the entire nineteenth sentence of our text:


Proof that-point-of the-issue she base-of the-coin and-the-inscription opening in-the-name the-proper she that-ALEXANDRU opening always in-center-of base-his of the-coin, and-concerning BASILEOS, the-opening in-usual in-head-of the-coin, leaning to-times rightwards, in-place that-(she)-herself-expanded writing-his of ALEXANDRU to passage to-half-of perimeter-his of the-coin.


The proof that the starting point is the base of the coin and the inscription opens with the proper name is that ALEXANDRU always opens in the center of the bottom of the coin, and regarding BASILEOS, that usually opens in the head of the coin, sometimes leans rightwards, in the place where the writing ALEXANDRU expanded to the passage to the half of the perimeter of the coin.