section: what does it mean?

By section every subpart of a given group or part is to be understood.

If we consider the group N, that comprises Naked patterns, namely those with No prefix, No infix, No suffix, this means that we are considering words consisting ONLY of root consonants.

But we have in Hebrew some words consisting of two root consonants (d), some words consisting of three root consonants (t), words consisting of four root consonants (q)

Thus we have: part N consists of two sections:

Section d, which has only patterns formed by two root consonants:


and Section t, which has only patterns formed by three root consonants:


Some other parts of Oham consist of three sections: section m, section d and section t.

Important: the Part shortening and the Section shortening are always united by a hyphen: N-d, N-t, P-m, P-d, PS-d... [and not by a dot (.) as in N.d, N.t, P.d, PS.d...]