pattern: what does this mean?

By pattern the basic inner structure of a given Hebrew word is meant.

First we'll try to show the pattern concept in English where we could too speak and think of some kind of "pattern". And afterwards we will see the Hebrew pattern.

If we agree that C is every consonant within the alphabet and A, E, I, O and U are the common and usual English vowels, we would get, as for an example:

-words pattern CAC ----- bad, cab, cam, can, cap, car, cat, caw, dab, dad, dam, fad, fag, mat, rat...

Table 10. English pattern CAC

bad, lax, madare adjectives
bag, ban, bar, bat, bay, cab, cad, cam, can, cap, car, cat, caw, dam, day, law, lay, ratare nouns
ban, bar, bat, bay, can, cap, dam, lay, ratare nouns and also verbs

-words pattern CEC ------- bed, bet, get, let, pet, red, ret, set, sex...

-words pattern CEEC ------- deed, feel, keep, reed, seed,

-words pattern COCE ------- dose, nose, rose...

-words pattern COOC ------- book, look, moon, root...

and so on........ We would have dozens of English patterns.

A similar thing could be said of Spanish, of French and, in a general way, of every language in the world.