The permanent or basic RULES to do a good translation from Hebrew by means of Oham are the following:

  1. Get a good Hebrew-English dictionary.

  2. In a general way, Hebrew Dictionaries have their entries in vowelized form. That means that at seeking in the Dictionary for a given word our mind has to represent it in vowelized form, in the niqud.

  3. Always keep in mind: The word I'm dealing with maybe it is a quite different thing from that I'm thinking of?

  4. Within a Hebrew text often person names, place names (towns, villages, countries, regions...), geographical names (such as of rivers, mountains, deserts...), book (or movie, roman...) titles and many others... are found. If you are unable to see what a given word is, then ask yourself: Maybe this is a person's name? Or maybe it is a place name? And so on...

  5. In a general way, only a pattern will make the right answer to a given inquire. Only exceptionally two patterns (much less often three) will be equally good for a given word in a given context.

  6. Remember: to look at Oham you have to leave aside the prefixed particles (prepositions, conjunctions...) and the article.

  7. Whenever letter ב, כ, ל, מ is found at the head of a word it is always good to think that maybe this is a prefixed preposition or conjunction. This is the case of words 101, 105 and many others.

  8. If you want to deepen your Hebrew do not forget to click on the pattern links: one will usually get a very useful information.