What goals Oham aims at. What is Oham useful for.

Making clear what are the aim, the goals or purposes of a gathering of Hebrew patterns is of the greatest importance.

Indeed, behind every intellectual construction, however bright it is, one wonders whether there is some usefulness to take out from it, something that can become useful in his everyday life and where he can take some profit from. Or, on the contrary, one wonders whether it is a pure theoretical construction that satisfies no practical aim.

Here are the main purposes of Oham as Oham author conceives them:

  1. Hebrew language mind shaping

  2. Explaining the inner structure of a given word, namely discovering what many difficult words mean.

  3. An optimal tool to reach the root of a given word

  4. Centering

  5. Identifying

  6. Making comparisons between (two, three, four..) patterns or Hebrew structures easy

  7. Trying to know what a difficult word is

  8. Knowing which are the vowels of a word (right reading)

  9. Knowing which syllable bears the stress within a given word

  10. Making the dialog between teachers and learners, between teachers and teachers and between learners and learners easy.

  11. For the non-vowel writing or text: make sure if a yud, a waw... have to be inserted or not.

  12. Giving an easy answer to many questions of every type and kind that it would otherwise be very hard to answer to. Even, that by no means could otherwise be answered.

  13. Helping in the inverse translation (from a language to Hebrew)

  14. Never become astray.

  15. Other personal utilities