Part P: Prefixes

Part P offers the patterns that consist of one, two or three root consonants to which a Prefix has been put before them.

The first word, תֵּבֵל, world, is a N-type word: every letter is a root letter, it is a Naked pattern consisting of three root letters: look at 1Ch 16:30.

The second word, תֵּלֵךְ, she will go, is a P-type word: the two black letters are root letters, but the red one is a prefix. Look at Gen 24:55.


So, we will have here three sections:

Section m: P-m

Section d: P-d

Section t: P-t


Be careful! Neither the article nor the question particle nor conjunctions that usually are attached to the head of the word have been considered in Oham as producing patterns P.

The word הַשֵּׁם we find in Gen 6:4 and meaning "the name" is the result of the article הַ, the, being put in front of the noun שֵׁם, noun. This is not a pattern in Oham.

The word הַתֵּר we find in Isa 58:6, has exactly the same appearance as הַשֵּׁם but it is a quite different thing.

Look at P-d

This is a pattern in Oham.

By the time Oham has begun its internet career (end of year 2009) part P consists of 777 patterns: 133 in section P-m plus 234 in section P-d plus 455 in section P-t.

Remember: the shortening for the Oham Part and the shortening for the section or subsection are united by a hyphen: N-d; N-t; P-m; P-d; P-t and so on.

N-dmeans part N, section d
N-tmeans part N, section t
P-mmeans part P, section m
P-dmeans part P, section d
P-tmeans part P, section t
I-t1means part I, subsection t1
I-t2means part I, subsection t2
S-mmeans part S, section m
S-dmeans part S, section d
S-tmeans part S, section t
and so on....

If you are interested to view this list fully displayed (complete list of Parts, Sections and Subsections together with their shortenings) click here.