Part N, consisting of patterns with root letters only.

These are patterns gathering all kind of words that are Naked, that have No prefix, No infix, No suffix. They are called the "Nones"

Now, this word kind consists of either TWO root consonants and this has been called "Section d" and more precisely section N-d.

Or of THREE root consonants and this has been called "Section t" and more precisely section N-t.

Up to now twenty-one, 21, patterns N-d have been listed. Look here:


and one hundred and sixty-four, 164, patterns of THREE root consonants, namely N-t, have been listed.

Look at N-t

Part N is, so to say, the most basic part of the work: taking a tree as a simile we can say that part N is the tree trunk while the remaining parts are the tree branches.

By the time Oham has begun its internet run (end of year 2009) part N consists of 185 patterns: 21 in section d plus 164 in section t.

Remark: Hebrew words consisting of only a root consonant do exist in isolation only for study purposes. In practice they are prefixed to other words or themselves take a suffix... We could list within this word kind -one root consonant- prepositions like בּ, ל, מ, the conjunctions ו, ש, the article ה and a few others.