Other personal utilities

It happens with every kind of tools. In a general way, a given tool was conceived, designed, created, manufactured and put to sale so that people to achieve a given task. Every tool, machine, engine... was created for a given purpose.

Now, as one gets it and uses it... it often happens that other utilities and appliances open at user's sight and are found, that were not intended at a first step nor are explained in the manufacturer's User Guide, so that the final user is quite glad to be able to solve some specific or personal troubles and problems of his by using his tool.

Some problems which the tool inventor had never thought of.

This will also be the case of Oham.

Oham's designer and compiler intended to create a tool so that users could achieve some goals.

But users will surely find other utilities from the Hebrew Pattern Catalog which had noway/never been thought of by its author.

If this were your case, we would be quite glad to know which problem types Oham has helped to solve. Write to us, please, and tell us at