Oham management and use

  1. In a general way, you can see here and there within the work in order to get some ideas, to catch some concepts and/or to realize some things.

    Let us suppose you wish to have a general oversight on the patterns consisting of three root letters and having the suffix "yod".

    You will turn to the Index in part S-t.

    and here you will look at the range coming from S-t0659

    to S-t0790.

    This makes a total of 156 patterns. Whether this is for you a too much great number or not... you have under your eyes the true reality of the Hebrew Language in this respect.

  2. We strongly advice, as a general rule, to always begin first by seeing the Indexes and not the pages where every pattern is explained.

    Once you look at a given Index and you identify the pattern you're looking for -or you intend to look for- then... click on it and the explanation page will open.

Please, tell us your doubts, difficulties or troubles concerning the use of Oham:

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