In order to make a kind of summing-up, the following points should greatly be taken into account by Oham users:

  1. Oham does not intend, by no means, to become a tool, a way, a device to banish or substitute Hebrew Grammars, Hebrew handbooks and/or Hebrew Dictionaries of any kind. Oham is a work that, far from putting grammars, handbooks and dictionaries in the shade, has been conceived to complement them, to make them much more useful.

    Oham is an humble tool created for the service of those who want to learn or deepen the Hebrew language. It is not a tyran who intends to dominate everything or to wipe out everyone.

    How does Oham complement them?

    By centering, by identifying, by turning some explanations clearer, by making comparisons between patterns very easy, by not allowing the walker to become astray from the road which is to be leading him to the goal he is eager for: the mastering of Hebrew.

  2. The Hebrew Schemary or Pattern Catalog is not closed. Maybe it will be closed within a hundred or even two hundred years. But even so, the Schemary's author is highly hoping it will give an optimal service to all its users. And this is because it gathers and offers a very great number of patterns, so that it is very alike that every user will find in it whatever he is looking for, whatever he needs.