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CASE 1. This question arises: Is it possible that the word רושם means their poor (man) (of males), namely noun רָשׁ, poor (man) + 3rd person plural masculine suffix = their (of males)?

Answer: If רושם meant their poor man (of males) then it would be a word S-d that inserts, in the hasar niqud, a waw. An oversight of Index S-d shows us that only pattern S-d1376, S-d1377 and S-d1378 are at a time ending ם and having ו inserted between the first and the second root consonants.

We know that רָשׁ is a N-d10 type word. But nowhere in pages




we verify that the pattern can be the result from a N-d10 type word + suffix ם.

This is a clear sign that our word cannot mean their poor (man)

It must be and mean something quite different.

CASE 2. Can אבו mean his father?

fresh green, shoot (Job 8:12)

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