Making comparison between (two, three...) patterns easy

Making comparisons between (two, three, four...) patterns easy.

This is one of the most nice features of Oham.

There are in Hebrew many patterns that are quite similar with each other so that it can be really difficult to well understand what is the real difference between them if any. And even sometimes mistaking for one other is quite usual.

And speaking or dealing with this, mainly in the distance, can be really difficult.

Dozens of samples could be brought here.

Let us take, for a sample, pattern

and pattern

and pattern

What is the true and real difference between these three patterns?

They are quite similar. Only a few little differences make a difference between them.

Looking at their pages the difference between them will be quite clear.




And now let us try to find the true difference between the following:

and pattern

The viewing of both pages supplies the answer you need.

What is the true and real difference between these two quite similar patterns?

Thus, look at


and once you clearly see what it is, look at


The difference between them would become clear.