In order to identify a Hebrew structure Oham is a very good tool.

And this is mainly important within the dialog, within the information coming on and back, mainly between interested people.

Indeed, let us consider the word in the niqud דַּבְּרִי.

And let us suppose it appears in a unvocalized text: דברי

Generally speaking there are several possibilities for such a word: my word, (the) words of..

Of course if someone masters the language he will soon discover what it exactly is within a given context.

But if we say that in this (a given) context this word belongs to paragraph B in ptr S-t0753, then this becomes quite clear even for those who are in the first steps of their learning. Then everyone will know that the word means: speak! (you, female).

And this is so not because this word appears as a sample in the page pattern S-t0753, paragraph B, but because the page tells what it is and what it means.

Is word פלסי was taken into consideration it could be the same thing: of פִּלֵּס, to equalize, smooth (off), our פלסי would mean (in the Imperative): (you, female) equalize!