Hebrew (language) mind shaping

Showing Hebrew patterns sorted by their eight groups or parts N, I, P, S, PI, IS, PS and PIS greatly contributes and helps to make the person's mind fit into the true reality of the inner nature of the Hebrew language.

Since one really understands that every Hebrew word must belong to one of these eight groups, his race to the mastering of the language has already moved forward a lot of miles, has made a great progress.

Now, there is a great difference between giving a rough explanation, a sketch of the eight groups versus giving a detailed explanation of the eight groups and at a time showing the lists of patterns constituting each group.

Explaining or telling in a rough way, sketching about naked words i.e. those consisting only of root consonants is not just like showing the complete list of such word kinds as one sees them in

(consisting of two consonants)


and in

(consisting of three consonants)


Shaping the mind to the Hebrew language inner nature maybe is the nicest and most important feature of the Hebrew Pattern Catalog, Oham.

It would be a great mistake the thought that this help to achieve a "Hebrew language mind" would be a minor or secondary feature of Oham that could easily be set apart.