How are patterns sorted?

Patterns have been arranged according to the following lines:

  1. As for consonants: the usual Hebrew alphabetical order has always been kept as a guide for sorting.

  2. Vowels and other signs: look here.

  3. Pattern numbering: every pattern has been given a unique number: this is its exclusive identification number within the work.

    Patterns are identified by a group formed of letters and digits.

    It is quite important to write the exact identification and be aware of the amount of 0 that are part of many pattern identification numbers.

    is pattern PS-d0087 and not PS-d87 nor PS-d087 nor PS-d00087.

    If the exact and precise figures aren't typed, the drawing or image does not display on the screen.

    Very often numbers are not consecutive but there are gaps between them. These gaps have the purpose of giving the way open to include other patterns that are to be found with the help of Oham users or that will be include in the future by decision of Oham Direction.