Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are the main questions one can ask regarding Oham, the Hebrew Pattern Catalog.

  1. Who is behind Oham?

  2. Where and when was Oham created?

  3. Whose work Oham is?

  4. Whom has Oham been conceived and created for?

  5. Is Oham useful for Biblical Hebrew the same as for today Israeli Hebrew?

  6. Is Oham on sale?

  7. Is Oham to be published as a book?

  8. Is it possible to get a quite free access to the whole of Oham?

  9. Is advertising of some kind allowed in the Oham site?

  10. Is investment in Oham allowed?

  11. Is there a way to become investor of Oham with no money investment?

  12. Why author's name does not appear? Why is Oham an anonymous work?

  13. Is Oham ruled by some kind of Statute?

  14. Is it possible to get a copy of the Oham Statute?

  15. Who is "Oham member"?

  16. Who is "Oham subscriber"?

  17. d: what does it mean?

  18. Section d: what is this?

  19. m: what does it mean?

  20. Section m: what is this?

  21. q: what does it mean?

  22. t: what does it mean?

  23. Section t: what is this?

  24. group: what does this mean?

  25. item: what is it?

  26. paragraph: what is it?

  27. part: what is it?

  28. pattern: what does this mean?

  29. section: what does it mean?

  30. subsection: what does it mean?

  31. [#]: what is it?

  32. cf: what does it mean?

  33. How are patterns sortened?

  34. What when a given word seems to match a given pattern but one clearly sees, after an accurate examination, that it does not?