A warm call to all those who love Hebrew

As it is today, the Hebrew Schemary is not complete. It will be complete if all those who love the Hebrew Language, no matter where in the world they are dwelling, make a contribution to achieve its completeness.

  1. Are you seeking for a pattern which you do not find in the Pattern Catalog?

    Be kind to tell us and we will try and do our best to include it within the body of the work. Write to the Schemary office a

    We will be glad to study your proposal and, if sound, to add your newly found pattern to the Schemary.

    Please write within the Subject line the words (not necessarily in italics): new pattern. We will so be able to redirect this type of mails to a specific box, which will make things easier for us.

  2. Did you find a word that matches a pattern where only one example is given?

    Tell us, so that we can add it to the one sample: then there will be no more one but... two examples...

    Feel free to contact us:

  3. Do you think something, be it a Hebrew word, a bible quotation..., is mistaken?

    Make us know, please!

    Please write in the subject line: Mistake.

  4. Did you find a word that is alike to complete one of these patterns that have only one or two examples?

    As for a rule, three examples are given for every pattern. But up to now many patterns offer only one or two samples.

    Tell us, please, and once revised we'll include your finding within the Schemary! --

  5. Are you ready and/or decided to undertake the research on patterns consisting of four root consonants?

    Contact us and we will try to make a good agreement on the issue:

    Please write in the subject line: part q

  6. Have you a good idea that would help to improve the work?

    Tell us, please:

    Please write in the subject line: Improving.

  7. Would you be interested to be responsible for the diffusion of this work in a given town, region or land?

    Contact us and we will think and study together which are the real possibilities:

    Please write in the subject line: Diffusion worker

  8. Do you want to say or comment us something you feel it is nice or important?

    Contact us, please, at:

    Please write in the subject line these words: Something nice.