Author's confession

Since short after he started his approach to the Hebrew language, Oham author has always been highly surprised about the nonexistence of a work on Hebrew patterns.

He has been even more surprised because Jewish people has always been a model of love of his language, Hebrew, what is clear from the hundreds and hundreds of works dealing with grammar, lexicon, roots, bibliography and many other issues concerning their beloved holy language.

But nothing concerning patterns.

He thinks that such a work had to be created many centuries ago: it would have result in a wonderful tool for a better and easier knowledge of the Hebrew language. And overall it would have made many and many matters, otherwise difficult, much easier.

He is highly amazed that no one of the great letter men or scholars within the Jewish people along the centuries did not turn his attention to this field, the Hebrew patterns. Maybe the reason for this has been the deep devotion to the religious, legal, moral, historical... issues deriving from the Bible, the Talmud, the Mishna and other chief works... so that some more specific aspects of the language have been forgotten or, at least, put aside.

Have some Jewish men thought, the centuries along, of a work like Oham or have they imagined it... but could not create or were unable to create it for several unknown reasons? An answer "yes" to this question is quite possible but...maybe we'll never really know.

It is a sad thing that Jewish people --and all those who love and study Hebrew, Jewish and non Jewish- always lacked such a tool!

Oham author is proud of his work. And he thinks that Oham will become a very good tool for the teaching, learning and deepening into the Hebrew language. This is his heartfelt hope. Time will prove whether he is right or wrong.

Learning Hebrew is not an easy task, mainly for those whose mind is not semitic-shaped. Then it is quite necessary having at hand some good tools which can give a good help.

Oham author thinks his work is one of the nicest tools for such a purpose.

And he hopes from the deepest of his heart that Oham will give a very good service and be quite operational as he has conceived and built it up, both for the Jewish people and for those who are interested in Hebrew. He thinks the way he has created the work you've on your sight is the only right, logical and natural way of doing it and offering to users the true reality of the Hebrew language. Maybe he is wrong but he thinks so.

Author wants as well to say that during the years of hard work he devoted to create this Catalog he encountered everywhere -with a unique exception- the deepest indifference and a total lack of interest towards his planned work. No encouragement word, no collaboration offer, no helping hand.

Even worse: generally speaking, he was nearly received as a kind of intruder and as a kind of arrogant fellow, the following thought laying at the base of this attitude: "How is it possible that a non-Jewish intends to create a work that the Jewish people himself did not create during his long history through no one of his so numerous wise men? Is this not a quite clear arrogance sign of him? If the work has never been created, this means that it was and it is not really necessary, so this "illuminated wise" will waste his time and he tries now to make me waste mine... Surely he intends to become famous... by creating a work which will never be a solution to nothing. Hebrew language has been studied from all the possible sides and the fact that a given work regarding the language has never been created in the past... clearly means that it was quite unnecessary in the past as it is today and will certainly be in the future".